Safe AND Secure


Today’s business travel takes employees to more countries, more places that are new to their company as they begin to expand as a growing business.  And for leisure travelers such as families, the next big tourist hot spot is also sometimes in an unknown city. At Sedanz, we have closely watched the growing rise in business and leisure travel risks and have made efforts to focus on security enhancements not only to make travel in NYC safe but secure.  

By safe, we mean that our core service that encompasses all the regulatory standards still hold true.  We are following all municipal regulations such as licensing of our business, vehicles, chauffeurs and operators.  We carry the highest liability insurance that’s required for our clients.  And we continue to strenuously vet all our chauffeurs and operators for the best duty of care you can provide to your organization or family.  Not many limousine services can say the same unfortunately as recent cases such as faulty vehicles and not thoroughly checked or unlicensed drivers have made headlines in the news and social media.

But by secure, we take it a step further.  As travel risks rise, we are doing our part to ensure your road travel is among the most secure while in NYC and in our other growing markets.  Firstly, after booking your ride and receiving your confirmation email (which also now includes a link to add to your calendar!), we have taken a step further and now provide chauffeur assignment emails.  These new emails will be linked to your confirmation numbers and show clients to whom we have dispatched for your trip.  You will receive chauffeur’s name, contact number and even a picture of who will be driving you.  This way, you already have a familiar face waiting for you at your arrival, specially if this is your first time traveling to NYC.  Each email notification will be sent between 12-4 hours prior the time of your reservation.  While we tend to dispatch only once, there may be instances we may need to reassign a chauffeur but the occurrence is minimal and you will also be notified via email with new chauffeur details.

The link will open a secure site displaying chauffeur information such as name, picture, vehicle plate info and current location.  You will be able to call, text, even rate your chauffeur

The link will open a secure site displaying chauffeur information such as name, picture, vehicle plate info and current location. You will be able to call, text, even rate your chauffeur

Secondly, to ensure a secure ride, we now have a link embedded into automated text message that once the chauffeur is “on the way”, you will be able to track your vehicle via their GPS.  This new automated text message is called “Passenger Link”. This link will be sent to the passenger alone and only the passenger can see how close their chauffeur is to their pickup.  While we understand you trust us to keep our flawless on time guarantee, we took it a step further to enhance that reassurance.  While our clients, are used to NOT looking at their phones to track their chauffeurs, this is simply an added feature to make your trip more secure.  All chauffeur information including picture will be available on this link as well so no need to search emails for this information as the pickup times draws closer.  Text messages are usually sent within one hour of your scheduled pickup time.  And there’s also no need to download our app just to get this information. It is all handled from this simple but secure text.  You can even rate your experience from this link and provide us any feedback.

 We hope you find these security enhancements relevant and beneficial for your next booking with us.  We always look to constantly evolve in the luxury chauffeured space as the needs of our clients also change.

3 ways to save on your next limo service

While limousine services can be perceived as a luxury service for the rich and famous, you would be surprised how a few hacks can not only save you money, but cost less than a taxi (including saving your time waiting on the taxi line!)  In addition to flat rates and not based on meters which work on time and distance (and surge on demand), use these tips to further save you on your travels.