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About Sedanz, our beginnings...


Sedanz was founded by Ron Gil, an entrepreneur who at the time did not know where his black car gig would take him.  While in school, Ron needed a job with a flexible schedule in order to work around his college schedule.  With the help from his family, he purchased his first Lincoln Town Car in late 2007.  As he learned the potential of the black car business, he dropped out of school in order to pursue driving around his newly found clients (through referrals and word of mouth) and never looked back.  

A couple of his most notable steps to the success of what is now Sedanz included the answering of a Craigslist ad which would forever change the direction of his company.  His first "unicorn" of sorts, Ron has kept his first account with a consulting firm which later lead him to an introduction to what would become one of the largest ride sharing tech companies in the world. His involvement with their launch in NYC has helped Sedanz become a recognized brand among the NYC car services.

Sedanz now focuses on bespoke chauffeured transportation for celebrities, dignitaries, C- level executives, and large event logistic coordination.  Sedanz also offers travel solutions through seamless booking software and a suite for large enterprise who book multiple vehicles for corporate employees.

Sedanz employee chauffeurs are held to the highest standard.  Ron wanted to make sure each chauffeur would treat Sedanz clients the way he would treat them when he couldn't personally drive them.  Sedanz vehicles are garage kept, fully licensed, insured and warrantied.  Sedanz also provides assistance to some of the largest limousine services with their over flow of reservations